As a Planning Commissioner, every meeting we approve building plans, update land ordinances/codes for businesses and developments. We have to balance the needs of growth with the needs of residents. West Jordan has so much undeveloped land that it's crucial we elect leaders who know how to balance the needs of today with sustainability of tomorrow. We want West Jordan to be a great place to live for generations to come. I will continue creating a healthy balance of businesses and mixed density that will not overload our infrastructure. As your council member, I will continue to work on attracting healthy long-term businesses that continue to make West Jordan a great place to work and live. Having planning commission experience is a huge plus for a city council position especially when it comes to land development. It's also allowed me to build working relationships with current council members, city staff, county officials and more. These positive relationships allow for healthy conversations that  help us see all sides of an issue so we can make decisions for our future in the best possible way. Experience matters.


Many of you have reached out in regards to climate and environment. I'm happy to say, that this is an important issue for both city staff and elected officials. We have worked hard with the staff to create guidelines and policies to allow for more sustainable codes in regards to water, landscaping and more. Our staff have been working tirelessly to help provide new ordinances that we as commissioners and council members discuss and refine. I will vow to continue working on this important issue. It's a priority for me to take care of where we live so that my grandchildren will enjoy a beautiful and sustaining community for years to come(the background picture is a photograph I took of some wind farms in the midwest). 

Committee Meetings

I serve on a variety of committees for West Jordan and have for a number of years. The BIGGEST frustration is that many of the current council members do not show up to their assigned committee meetings(unless it's a heated campaign season). This is an issue! When a council member isn't showing up to their budget committee meeting, how can they vote with all the knowledge they need on the city budget? That's crucial! If they aren't showing up to the Events or Open Land/Parks committee, how can they truly understand the budget needs for next year? A Council position is so much more than the council meetings. It's about helping our city thrive and that includes participating in assigned committees.  I'm concerned that so many council members are doing as little as possible for the city. This needs to change. I will be at committee meetings and you can count on that because I already attend and participate. I understand WHY it's so important and it's frustrating for committee members and the staff to not get the support they need. It's also not fair to you as a resident and voter to not have your council member do their job. I show up and make things happen for you. I have a great relationship with staff already. I know how the city works and how we can work together to keep making West Jordan a beautiful and thriving place to live and work. Please reach out if you are interested in being apart of city committees. It's rewarding and doesn't take up a lot of your time. I feel very strongly about this issue. If you want the most effective council, they need to show up. 


I promise to only be a one-term council member. We need to have a variety of voices that take part in city leadership. This is healthy for a city. More voices equal more input which adds to healthy decisions. I feel the council needs a little bit of a shake up. Let's get some fresh ideas and new leadership elected. 

Winning the primary against all three incumbents took me and everyone by surprise but it also put quite the bullseye on my back as we headed into the general election. Having said that, the support I have from neighbors, friends and family, means the world. 


We are less than a week from election day. Some of my opponents have spent quite a bit of money in an attempt to hold on to their seat. If you haven't voted yet, be sure to mark Pamela Bloom as one of your three options. 


We have an amazing chance to bring in fresh blood onto the council. We need a fresh perspective that will help strengthen the vision of West Jordan. We have a changing demographic and we need representation that reflects that. It helps that I also live in west West Jordan.


I look forward to serving you as your representative. Let's make that happen!

As always, If there's any questions related to local city issues, please reach out. I'd love to chat with you about your questions.