Housing: Is High Density needed? Yes & No. Yes it can help but not if our city doesn't have the infrastructure and means to make it happen. We need to have a long term plan before considering any high density projects. I want to find solutions for affordable housing. Too many of us are quickly being priced out of home ownership and even more are being priced out of rentals. I will work closely with County leaders and City Council members to build long lasting housing solutions that make sense for our community. 

Taxes: No one wants higher taxes. With the cost of living rising much faster then wages, we must stop being reactive when it comes to fixing city challenges. If we continue to react to issues without a long-term plan in place, taxes will continue to rise. We must be smart about attracting businesses, we must have plans for long-term growth.  Our future depends on attracting businesses that give back and provide strong economic base for years to come. 

Water: They way the formula currently stands for water costs and usage is not sustainable for our city. Let's re-work the water. Let's create incentives for home owners and businesses to reduce water usage. Let's inspire and empower creative ways for desert landscapes that reduce water and promote healthy environments. 

Long Term Goals: Currently West Jordan has been in a reactive state from years of poor management. This has caused higher taxes, issues in infrastructure and poor long term planning management. We must put leadership in place that protects our city and allows for smart well planned growth for years to come. Not just 5 or 10 years but looking down the pipe 25-50 year down the road.  I will fight for open transparency. I will be active in social media so residents can see, feel and understand I'm fighting for you. You can contact me about anything regarding the well being of our city. I will be your voice.

What you can expect from me:  I will show up and make things happen. I will be transparent. I will let you know my thoughts on issues and I will listen. I will listen to all sides of an issue because when we hear thoughts and feelings from sides we may not agree with, it can improve ideas, strengthen solutions and create a stronger long term plan. No one person or group has a monopoly on great ideas. I will bring a positive energy, a desire to work together and a drive to create long term plans that keep our taxes fair, our growth smart and our community thriving. 

My concerns: I've been active and volunteering within the community. I LOVE it. I thrive on doing what I can to make our city better. I work closely with staff and I put a lot of effort to help with the success of West Jordan.


The committee meetings are assigned council members and rarely see council members actually show up to their assigned committees. Lately it's been better but it is campaign season and I did call out this concern. We need better transparency and accountability. 

We've been electing the SAME mindset for years and yet we except different outcomes. Let's elect someone with new energy, new ideas and work together to help West Jordan thrive for years to come. 


I have other concerns as we move into a new form of government and our mayor will be the City Manager. I personally am looking forward to the new form of government but to make it successful we need voices more than ever who can build strong, genuine and solid relationships not only within the council but with the new Mayor. We need a strong council who shows up to responsibilities. We need a council who can have a strong relationship with our mayor. We need a council who can take charge. Our city staff should not be running the city. We need our committees, our council and our Mayor to step up. Our city staff are to support us and be apart of the team, right now I feel they have more then they should on their plate. That needs to change. Having said that, our staff within our city are amazing. I think the world of them. It's an honor to have them by my side and apart of the community. 


I want a strong team to be elected and make our city even better.